San Benedetto

San Benedetto



Artisanal production of jams

»Our jams have all the characteristics of homemade jam because they are still produced with traditional methods.

»The Flavor because made with fresh fruit.

»The natural color of the fruit because it is cooked in the living flame, and therefore does not require the addition of dyes.

»The absence of added sugar or its possible minimum use, allows us to make a product with a proportion of fruit transformed proportionately high compared to the more usual procedures adopted, thus allowing us a thick product without having to add thickening substances.

»The Genuineness because only the pasteurization is used as a method for preservation, which provides an indisputable guarantee of conservation, in fact the jam once opened must be kept in the refrigerator.

Among the various types of jam, we particularly like to remember the Preserve di Susine, because it comes from a fruit from a wild tree, then grown in orchard, which lives and produces only in the hills of Montepulciano.

The ripening period is concentrated in only 15/20 days, so it is necessary that the harvest and the preservation take place on the same day.

The plum Montepulciano has a peculiar taste and is depositary of the most sought after laxative virtues, which remain unchanged in our jam.

All this allows our jam to not be forgotten after its first taste.