V8+ Sparkling wine

V8+ Sparkling wine


That’s right, technology, one of good wine’s greatest allies! It is thanks to technology that each individual vine’s characteristics can be preserved, freshness can be guaranteed over time and loyalty to a territory maintained.

Man creates a project and pursues it with his expertise and senses, but only technology and a “scientific” approach make it possible to realize your dream!

This is how grapes are grown, with the ultimate aim of giving pleasure.

From the latest generation of harvesters the grapes go straight to the presses, and from this moment on, must and wine will no longer see the light, holding their breath until you release it by uncorking a bottle.

Absence of oxygen, shelter from light and controlled temperature are some of the features that enable every bottle to enclose the primary scents of the grape, the integrity of the aromatic precursors and the fresh air passing through the vineyards, to return them to you.

These aspects are monitored round the clock thanks to technology, so that not even a second’s distraction can risk compromising either our work or your satisfaction!