Cedarata organic drink CORTESE

Cedarata organic drink CORTESE

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A great classic of the Italian tradition

Cedrata has been one of the most popular and popular non-alcoholic drinks: its flavor evokes the economic boom, the jukebox and carefree atmospheres. Today this vintage drink, ideal for young and old, is experiencing a great revival: an Italian cult drink with an intense and clear yellow color, it stands out for the citrus flavor of the cedar which gives a fresh and thirst-quenching taste.

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CORTESE CEDRATA-0009 bottle 27,5 cl. 1 bottle 3.00 € *
CORTESE CEDRATA-0010 bottle 27,5 cl. 6 bottles 18.00 € *
CORTESE CEDRATA-0011 bottle 27,5 cl. 12 bottles 35.00 € *
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