Cola CORTESE organic drink

Cola CORTESE organic drink

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The biological alternative from the lively soul

Cola takes its name from the extracts of cola nuts contained in its recipe. The unmistakable dark color instead comes from the caramel. The first formulation was elaborated by the American pharmacist John Stith Pemberton in 1886 in Atlanta as a remedy for headaches and fatigue. Its worldwide spread began in the 1920s and since then its enormous success has never ended. The pairing par excellence is the one with gourmet pizza.

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CORTESE COLA-0009 bottle 27,5 cl. 1 bottle 3.00 € *
CORTESE COLA-0010 bottle 27,5 cl. 6 bottles 18.00 € *
CORTESE COLA-0011 bottle 27,5 cl. 12 bottles 35.00 € *
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